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Placed an order, TanitiDea will confirm about the availability, delivery, catalogue cost and timing. Only after your acceptance TanitiDea will produce the latest version of the documents, print and ship them (shipment is granted within 15 working days).

For each item a minimum quantity to order has been provided and the total amount of a single order (globally) must not be lower than Euro 500,00. Special discounts are possible for large quantities or considerable orders (to be agreed with TanitiDea).

Transport & customs cost and organization will be in charge to your company. In any case TanitiDea selected an expert forwarder that can assist you for transport arrangement in case you request TanitiDea support for this matter.

It will not be possible to get source file from TanitiDea to manage local printing and ad-hoc version. For this reason TanitiDea is available to collaborate with you, after Corporate Marketing authorization, to develop special editions of the standard Bonfiglioli documentation (e.g. local language, customized prints, etc...). Translations are intended to be directly provided by you and make up costs will be charged, at a favored fare, accordingly.




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